Unlock Your (Not Provided) Keywords With RankReveal

Back in Oct 2011 Google started turning off our search keywords. Instead of seeing our own site’s keywords, we became stuck with the very unhelpful keyword (not provided) in our analytics reports.

Without this data, we were essentially cut off from seeing the traffic we were getting from Google.

Knowing which keywords a user used to find your site and buy one of your products, or subscribe to your email list is extremely valuable info. With it, you can optimize your funnels for higher conversions.

Without it, you are essentially flying blind.

Enter RankReveal, a new service by Daniel Tan, the creator of the very popular SEOPressor plugin. What RankReveal does is uncover all the keywords your sites are ranking for on Google (and Bing).

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The Smart Way To Do Niche Research On Facebook

One of my favorite blogs to read over the last few years is Viperchill by Glen Alsopp.

I’ve bought a couple of his products (OptinSkin and Backlinks XXX) and he’s one of the few marketers I’m still subscribed to over email. He always writes epically long blog posts, filled with amazing content and his SEO case studies where he takes on Google are especially fun reads.

Recently, Glen published two new posts on his blog.

The first is called How to Build a Profitable Website in 2015 in the Best Niche Online where he demonstrates some unique ways on how to do research on the web for a niche you are passionate about.

And his most recent post is titled The $1,000 Facebook Guide: How I Advertise to People You Can’t…Yet. This is the first post in his series on getting the most out of Facebook Ads.

One of the tactics Glen describes in these two posts is his method to find similar pages on Facebook. By doing this he can find relevant pages in his niche and use them to help get cheap clicks with Facebook ads.

I’m going to summarize the two methods below, but all credit for these techniques go to Glen.

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Getting Started With Drop My Link

I first coded DropMyLink over 5 years ago.

The initial version was extremely simple and it took me maybe an hour to code up. It had 15 or so SEO footprints that you could use to discover some useful backlink sources.

5 years is a long time, especially in this internet age.

We’ve seen a dramatic change in the way Google ranks sites, and purely dropping random, off-topic links is no longer an effective strategy anymore.

The reason I started Drop My Link in the first place, was to make my life easier to build backlinks to my sites.

Back then, adding some profile, comment, directory and web 2.0 links was often enough to get your sites ranking on the first page of Google very easily.

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