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Instant Ranking Formula

I was just reading Alex Goad’s Instant Ranking Formula report and it contains a surprisingly cool trick in it for creating some free links back to your sites. While they are not super powerful anchor text backlinks, what they can do is help you get any new sites you create indexed much faster.

What this link building tip does is take advantage of certain websites that create webpages dynamically depending on the url you put in.

For example, one such site that does this is aboutus.org.

If I put in the url http://www.aboutus.org/misterfong.com into my browser window, a brand new page is created with a link back to my site. Pretty cool, right? Not only will you get the backlink, but the Google bot will crawl this new page and get it indexed very quickly.

Since it was such a simple thing to do, I spent about 5 minutes and coded up a simple script for you guys that will make building these links extremely simple. Just enter your url in the box below and click the Create Links button. The script will output a list of 16 sites, which you then need to manually click on to generate your link. (The last url you will need to copy and paste manually) That’s it! 16 links in 16 seconds… really. * Update: There are now 18 sites total.

Your url: (ie. misterfong.com – Don’t include http:// or www)

Leave a comment below if you know of other similar sites to add to this list.

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  1. Jeffrey says

    Quantcast was one of them. So was the last one, builtwith.com.

    There were more than a few that gave me that message too. :)

  2. says

    I think the problem is the prompt says “Your url: (ie. misterfong.com)” A url can contain http … or http://www... whereas misterfong.com is a domain name so no http… or http://www...

    So if I enter http://www.powerlinkgenerator-download.com the following created link will fail:


    but if you use powerlinkgenerator-download.com the created link below will work:


    Or at least it does for me.

    Best wishes.


    • misterfong says

      Hi Brenton

      Yeah, I knew that, but I didn’t make that explicit in the instructions. I’ve updated the post to be a little more clear. Thanks for pointing it out though!

  3. says

    Umm interesting to see the out come will be impressed if it works..
    Not to be pint half empty… usually if its to good to be true it is?
    But worth a shot..

  4. Greg says

    Should you go ping these URLs (like with pingler or another service) after creating them, or just let them be found naturally by the engines.

    Thanks for making this so easy.

  5. says

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much for providing this tool, helping new website owners quickly get on the google landscape. It was a very quick, productive process.

    It’s onward and upward to newbie-friendly sites with link juice, such as Ezine Articles.

  6. says

    Well, very interesting… worked well for me. Good discovery, thanks for sharing this with all of us. I had seen the aboutus one before, but to have them all in front of me like that simplified life. thanks!

  7. says

    Great quickie to get a tiny bit of link juice! For new sites this is as good a place as any to start grabbing those backlinks… thnx!

    • Chris says

      Hey Ana. You know, I don’t even know if this trick is effective anymore for domains OR internal pages since all the algorithm changes that have happened in the year since I posted this.

      My feeling is that is probably is not as effective as it once was, but I’ll definitely have to make some time to test it again.

  8. says

    Holy smokes; talk about too easy! I’m lucky, I’m sitting on a nicely aged domain even though I’m just now getting around to doing something with it, so it’s not too bad to get Google to “trust” it per se. For getting a site or page quickly indexed and “authenticated” so to speak with the bots, especially brand new ones, this is a gold mine that my ex can’t sue for; I love it! Many thanks, Chris ~ ®ob

  9. says

    Hope I am not too late with this tool that you have. Noticed in your comment with Ana, that it might not work too well but anyway I am going to try my luck and see if it works! :D

  10. says

    It’s simply smart.. :) As usual another great post with inspiring tips. I will certainly use most of these insight you provided to get on the high way to success.

    Thanks for the post!

  11. says

    Thanks for this Chris. For one of my domains these profiles seem to exist already so at some point in the past I must have done something similar.. damned if I remember though.
    BTW I just found your site today and really like it. As an aside I would be really interested in your thoughts on commentluv premium as I am seriously considering it, is it worth the money??

    • Chris says

      Hey Andy. I appreciate you stopping by! Yeah, I really do think CommentLuv premium is worth getting. You will definitely notice an increase in the engagement of your site once you start using it.

  12. says

    WP Mage used to offer something similar on their site… no longer available for non subsribers though.

    A litle tip to make it even a little bit easier – – If you have the Linky add on for firefox, you can:
    – Drag to Select All the Links
    – Right on the selection
    – Select ‘Open Selected Links in Tabs’ from the ‘Linky’ menu.

    Then all you have to do is give them a minute to load and then close the tabs.

  13. says

    just used your tool for one client. now do these links pull any juice with them not being do follow. they come from good page rank but with no anchor text. how much juice will this hold?

  14. says

    Chris, As I read your previous comment, it seems there is no importance of these types of links anymore. Can you please elaborate it more.?

    • Chris says

      Since the time I created this, there have been several Google algorithm updates since then which I believe have devalued the quality of these types of links.

  15. says

    Hi Chris .. stopped by hoping this still worked after using it on one of my old websites ages ago… can’t get the link to work though (using Chrome) .. will try in firefox as well

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