7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Plenty Of Fish Advertising


I’ve been making money for awhile now using Facebook’s self serve platform, but I’ve recently started using Plenty Of Fish’s self serve ad platform over at ads.pof.com. Although it can’t match the level of traffic that Facebook can give you, you can still easily do $100-$200 a day on there without much effort. I’m seeing POF getting more attention these days, and if you are in the dating niche at all, you should take the time to check it out. Here are 7 reasons why I like using POF self serve ads over Facebook’s ad platform.

Near real-time stats. Although they have a slight delay, POF updates your stats very quickly. With Facebook, it takes at least 15 minutes to update their stats. I know people who have blown $2k in under 20 minutes on FB, so having near real-time stats is something I’m really appreciating.

Tons of targeting options. POF offers a ton of targeting options that you can really take advantage of to improve your CTR. It’s obvious that you can use ethnicity, body type, religion to target niche dating sites (and you should), but you can also be really creative and make use of some of many of the other targeting options as well.

Change targeting on the fly. With Facebook, when you want to change your ad demographics, you need to submit a new ad and go through their draconian approval process. With POF, you can change any of the targeting options of your campaign or of individual creatives on the fly. This is a really awesome feature, that makes testing a whole lot easier.

More Lenient Reviewers. This could change at any time, but in my experience POF reviewers are a lot less strict in terms of pictures and ad copy. There’s no need to include the dating site you’re promoting, plus you can call out user attributes like age and location. Even better, take advantage of the dynamic insertion syntax so you can add the current viewers age, location and gender directly into the ad. Facebook reviewers on the other hand are a real pain in the ass to deal with their strict rules and inconsistent interpretations of them.

Cheaper Traffic. For similar demographics, POF is definitely cheaper then bidding on Facebook. That’s only natural as Facebook dating is one of the most saturated traffic sources around.

Same ad format as Facebook. Do you have a working campaign on Facebook? Then you can port it over to POF pretty easily since their ad format is the same, image sizes and all. Don’t expect all your ads to perform the same on both platforms though. I’ve found performance to vary quite a bit between the two.

Demographic targeting. This is a really cool targeting tool lets you get the demographic breakdown based on interests of the users on POF. It’s sort of like a Quantcast for POF. Make sure to take advantage of it.

There’s a huge myth that says you can’t promote free dating sites on a free dating site like POF. You can and people do. Plus, if you are already making money with Facebook ads, you should be able to do the same on POF with minimal effort. So what are you waiting for? As Mr Green likes to say, “Plenty of Fish, Plenty Of Money”.

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  1. Daniel says

    I’ve been really frustrated with Facebook PPC. Thanks for the tip. I think I am going to try Plenty of Fish and hopefully I can have some success.

  2. misterfong says

    Not true. Sites like Singlesnet, Mate1, RealMatureSingles are allowed to be promoted now on POF. Other sites like Zoosk aren’t.

  3. misterfong says

    Zoosk is not 100% free. It has a paid premium membership like everyone else. Anyway, my whole point is that you can make money on POF promoting these dating sites which allow you to signup for free and they pay per lead (not pay per sale).

  4. bastard says

    cloak it dude. when u first submit yr ad, redirect the url to some other compliant sites. then once it’s been approved, send it to your original site that is non compliant. that’s how i got zoosk running on pof ;)

  5. says

    @bastard: POF somehow monitors all redirects; your method will work for a few hours (perhaps longer depending on volume(?)) but they will see zoosk in the redirects and shut down your campaigns.

    Zoosk is a *direct* competitor of POF (free dating site, pay for some extra features if you want) so it’s only natural that they don’t want you sending their users to them.

  6. Alice Brown says

    but POF dont accept paypal , it make me frustrating…

    i highly recommend POF can add new payment besides of credit card .

  7. says

    I recently turned to different sources after campaigning offers on POF for a while. As of June 18 I can tell you that US bids are shooting through the roof…some demographics are easily $1 CPM. And POF isn’t accepting any Adult oriented offers even though they promote their own on the bottom of the page. Things have changed.

  8. misterfong says

    Yeah, with the recent guru launch, POF is getting saturated at the moment. But I personally think it’s a phase and when all the noobs start failing, the bids will go back to normal soon.

  9. Mike says

    Does anyone know how to use the dynamic inserstion syntax the writer mentions? Or is there a link to how to use it, I can’t seem to find it on the plenty of fish advertising pages..


  10. misterfong says

    Hi Mike. Sure, you can use the following syntax in your POF ads

    {gender:default} -> Male or Female
    {age:default} -> Exact age of the current user
    {state:default} -> Name of the state (or province) of the current user.

  11. Reggi D. says

    @misterfong Thats a fact! They got the cpm all messed up on there. I saw some of them failing already bcuz they cant get any conversions and they are VERY frustrated. Frustration=Im finding another traffic source. Lol! Less bidding, more profit in our pockets.

  12. STANLEY says

    hi mister fong

    just set up pof campaign.

    for the targeting criteria, do we need to fill it ONCE in during campaign se up ? or we have to key in one by one on each creative?, ie if we have 5 creative, we have to key in 5 time targeting criteria?


  13. STANLEY says

    thanks mister fong
    i would like to ask again.
    what does this mean {age:} {state:} ?
    can we put in in title?

    • misterfong says

      Hi Stanley,

      These are dynamic insertion tags that you can put in your ad. So if you use the {age:} tag, it will get replaced by the age of the user who’s viewing your ad. You can also use {gender:} and {state:} as well. It’s really useful technique for increasing the CTR of your ads.

      And yes, you can use these tags in the title and description of your ads.

  14. says

    Well it looks like this is a late reply to an older thread. But I’ve just started a new dating site with a very specific niche. I will be taking a look at POF as this thread started a year ago I’m sure they have some even greater features for me or any advertiser to use. I guess I will see.

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