Using CommentLuv Premium To Build More Links To Your Site

Ever notice that the most successful blogs have a ton of comments on every post?

Well if you’re just starting out you’ll soon find out that attracting lots of comments on your blog can take a very long time.

If you’re in this boat, one way to jumpstart the process is to install the free CommentLuv WordPress plugin. It allows your commenters to leave links to their own blog

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posts when they comment.

It’s a great way to increase engagement on your site by giving an incentive for your readers to comment. (with free backlinks!)

This has been a CommentLuv enabled

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blog for a few months now and I’ve noticed a big jump in my comments since I started using it.

Introducing CommentLuv Premium

Well today, I got an email from CommentLuv creator Andy Bailey announcing the release of CommentLuv Premium. I’ve been been looking forward to this new version for since I learned about it and I immediately installed it on this blog.

So why should you care if this is now a CommentLuv premium enabled blog?

… Because it’s going to help your link building efforts if you take advantage of it.

Here’s how:

First, if you comment on any post you will get a free noFollow link to one of your latest 10 posts. Sure it’s no follow, but it still holds some minimal SEO value and you’ll probably get a handful of clicks on your link as well.

CommentLuv Premium Comment Link

But wouldn’t a juicier doFollow link be even better?

This is where CommentLuv Premium lets me to provide you with an even stronger incentive to comment.

If you now have more than 5 approved comments on this blog, your link automatically becomes doFollow. This rewards all my active commenters with some extra link juice for their efforts.

And that’s not all!

CommentLuv Premium also includes the same feature found in the popular KeywordLuv plugin.

Now when you have 8 approved comments, you can then add a second doFollow link to your comment, this time with your chosen anchor text.

When you reach this level, just add @ your keyword after your Name and your second link will look like this:

CommentLuv Premium KeywordName Feature

How To Use It

Taking advantage of CommentLuv on this blog is easy.

When leaving your comment, enter your name, email address, and url like you normally do.

As soon as you put your cursor in the comments box, you’ll see CommentLuv do it’s thing and retrieve the latest 10 blog posts from your chosen url which it will display below the comment box.

CommentLuv Premium Pick Your Links

Select the post you want to use, and then leave your comment. Easy!

Final Thoughts

I’m quite excited to try CommentLuv Premium on this blog to see if it works out. As I see it, I’m giving all you guys an opportunity to get a do-follow link, with your keywords on a PR2 (and growing) blog.

In exchange I’ll get more discussion for each post that I write. Win-win for me and you!

I’m not going to approve any spammy comments though. So please don’t bother trying to abuse this if you’re not going to provide any additional value.

What do you think? With this blog becoming CommentLuv Premium enabled provide you with enough incentive to comment?

Visit CommentLuv Premium Official Site

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  1. says

    I noticed you featured one of my comments in your post Chris. :)

    To answer your question though, I do love the fact that you are making regular commenter’s links doFollow. But it doesn’t really matter to me since I usually end up commenting anyway!

    I like the idea of adding CommentLuv Premium to my blog though. I looked at the salespage and it does seem like it can do a lot of cool things.

    • Chris says

      Haha, yeah. Yeah you should definitely try it on your site. I think it would work well for you.

      There’s a lot of features that CommentLuv Premium has that I didn’t even mention like the Twitter, Facebook Like and Google +1 incentive. I was thinking about including those options, but currently they don’t work exactly how I want it to. So I turned them off.

    • says

      Kinley I have been using the “CommentLuv premium plug-in” for over a month now and I have to say is very impressive and has a lot of features on it. One of my favourites is that you can find out who clicked on your link and from what site.

  2. says

    Is this three approved comments on all other commentluv blogs? I have used the classic commentLuv plugin for over a year and very interested in the premium version

    • says

      I was not sure if it meant 3 comments approved on this blog or 3 approved comments on any blog linked to commentLuv- I have just installed the premium version and love the share enticements

    • Chris says

      Hi Grant. It’s for the # of comments approved on the current blog only.

      For me, I have it set for 5 approved comments to enable doFollow and 8 to enable the keyword anchor text.

  3. says

    Hi Chris,

    Are you saying that it somehow keeps track of the number of comments a person has made on a given blog? If so, that is pretty powerful and I just might have to take a look at it :)


  4. says

    I just got CommentLuv plugin in my blog and wondering what it is and how to use it. Your article is very helpful. I am glad to give a try. :)

  5. says

    I am a huge fan of Commentluv too and especially Commentluv premium. One of the cool things I like about it is that when you find other people who use it on their blogs, they tend to be more comment friendly and actually participate in the discussions you try to have with them.

  6. Jonathan Archer says

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for this wonderful review. Seems like a lot of people out there are still trying to decide whether to try this new CommentLuv Premium Plugin or not. As for me, it is definitely a yes.

    Keep the posts coming…


  7. says

    Commentluv is one of my favorite WordPress plugins. It might be a matter of preference for ones own blog. If you are commenting on another blog that has it, it is kind of like a two for one deal. Some people don’t seem to use it even for commenting for some reason though. I figure if it is there and available then the site owner has it there for a reason, so why not.

  8. danstoney says

    Hi there, I have encountered the same post as this but you really explained it well with the RSS feeds, it’s great that some bloggers just laid it so well. I have been using comment luv for almost 3 months and no problem so far.

  9. says

    Hi Chris,

    Really well formatted post about commentluv premium. I just love this plugin and would advise anyone to try it out – there is nothing to loose – there is a money back guarantee!!

    One thing I wanted to add is that I did a speed test with my main blog on pingdom. The loading time for the home page came back at 8.5 seconds which is really quite slow and major search engines have been rumored to become impatient with sites that take over 5 seconds to load.

    So, we uploaded CommentLuv Premium, activated it, got all the settings the way we wanted (which took about 5 minutes) and then systematically deactivated and deleted the plugins that were no longer needed.

    We emptied the page and browser cache and then ran the speed load test again.

    The home page then loaded in 3.75 seconds.

    IMO, If anyone is looking to speed up their load time (and this is just one test) I would recommend checking out the CommentLuv Premium Plugin.

  10. says

    That’s a very cool feature to be able to change the nofollow to dofollow after 5 posts. I’ve been considering using commentluv for a while but didn’t realise it was that versatile. You may have just swayed me to try it, thanks for the info :)

  11. says

    Hi Chris, thanks for the explanations. I’m thinking of using Commentluv at my weight loss blog, seems like a cool method for fostering a great community :)

  12. says

    I think Comment Luv is a great plugin. I have it installed on all three of my blogs and since installation I have seen an increase in comments. Okay so I still receive a lot of spam (that gets instantly deleted) but in exchange for offering links I have seen a lot of engagement happening. I’m all for Comment Luv and would recommend anyone to use it :)

  13. says

    What a way to change the game! With the moderation and approved comment count readers, not bots, will take an interest in contributing something useful versus “below are some unrelated links we …”

    For those unable to do lengthier guest post writing or simply want to critique or comment to an existing discussion, this is an awesome way to entice and encourage taking the time to truly contribute.

    Chris, as you mention and most are already well aware”graduated” incentives are nothing new to forum participants and others, so it was long-coming for a similar checks and balance to find its way in this form for a more diverse, and greatly needed, usage.

    You’ve been running the premium in excess of 90 days now? Any update or insight after a longer evaluation?

    • Chris says

      Hey W.R. Yeah, I’ve been running CommentLuv Premium since the launch and I’m still quite happy with the results. Comments are noticeably up since I’ve installed it and I like being able to provide some extra value as well to my regular contributors.

  14. says

    I have the worst problem with spam comments. In fact, all of the comments I ever get are clearly automated spam. I think adding commentluv to my site will be a great thing. Hopefully, it will encourage legitimate interaction on my site and I can reward useful commenters with a link to their site. Being able to encourage repeat comments by upping the reward is a powerful incentive I didn’t know existed within commentluv. The more I read about this plugin, the more I like what I find out. Is there any downside to this, link juice wise?

    • Chris says

      So far I don’t see any downside to CommentLuv Premium link juice wise. Although, I suppose if there are tons of comments on the page, each individual link will have less of an effect.

  15. says

    I have got CommentLuv installed but not the premium version which I am now seriously considering…. have to sell another ebook to do it though! Thanks for this writeup and also everybody for commenting, this sort of thread is very useful

  16. says

    Hi Chris
    I haven’t bought CommentLuv and really should when my next sale comes through
    Can I ask a question as a commenter on your blog particularly around when I am allowed to add my keyword to the “name” on the form….
    Do I (as a commenter) add the keyword from Post1 or Post9?
    if it’s from Post9 how do you (as the moderator) recognise it is me? Or does the software do that…
    I didn’t add the Keyword on Comments 1 to 8
    The only reason I ask is that after my initial couple of comments went for moderation my comments 3 to 8 were automatically approved. Fair enough, you must have set me to “autoapprove”… however my Comments 9 and 10 (when I have added the keyword) have gone into moderation… which is fine but just wondered whether this happens automagically within the software or do you have to (as the moderator) spot it is me in order to give me an anchor texted link
    Hope that makes sense!

    • Chris says

      Hi Andy. By default, WordPress is set to automatically hold a comment in the queue if there are two or more links in the comment. I’m guessing that the keyword url + commentluv link is counting as 2 links? I’m actually not sure, but I will pay attention to this in the future.

      Regarding the keyword in your name, I think CommentLuv just recognizes your comment email address and will react accordingly. Everything is automatic…i haven’t done anything.

  17. says

    This is great and all, but wouldn’t this encourage spammers to bombard your website? Yes, you have to approve the comment, but some people will just try getting the backlink by placing whatever in hopes that you approve it. To them it’s only a couple seconds, to the person approving the comments having to sniff through a massive list of spam comments would take an eternity. Also, I’m not sure how this drives relevant traffic to the site. If people are just coming to my site to comment and not buy or click an ad, how do I benefit from all this traffic? Intrusive pop-ups? I don’t know about this one guys.

    • Chris says

      You might think so. But I really haven’t noticed that to be the case. I still get spam, but not anymore then I would usually get.

  18. says

    I’ve been a huge fan of CommentLuv for years; the Premium plug-in is one of the few premium plug-ins I own, and consider to be well worth it.

    It’s highly customizable; in fact, another cool thing about it is that it lets you use any RSS feed (like the one I’m using for the link, below, to help a friend promote his guest post and contest entry on Jane Sheeba’s blog).

  19. says

    I’ve heard a lot about this plugin for a while now and finally decided to jump in and test it out on one off my blogs. A LOT of useful features! Excellent work my friend. A checkbox to add commenters to your email list would be pretty cool for future versions. ;)

  20. says

    Commentluv premium is phenomenal, I really enjoy having this plugin on my site and it works even better now and with more benefits now that I upgraded mine. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure a lot of your readers who want to generate more traffic on their sites will definitely love this!

  21. says

    This is such a great discovery and a must try for all blog owners who want to increase their success rates in terms of generating traffic to their websites. Thanks for this enlightening share.

  22. says

    Thank you for the great info. I’ll be sure to start implementing this soon and hopefully it gives my site a little boost in the SERP’s

  23. says

    Thanks for sharing, I have it installed on all three of my blogs and since installation I have seen an increase in comments. Okay so I still receive a lot of spam (that gets instantly deleted) but in exchange for offering links I have seen a lot of engagement happening. I would recommend anyone to use it.

  24. says

    I might have to give commentluv a try. Don’t have much interaction currently on my site. Thanks for explaining it. Oh, and I like your header illustration.

  25. says

    Chris this was a nice review. I will surely enable CommentLuv on my blog so that I recieve more engagement from visitors and help them grow there ranks. Thank you buddy.

  26. says

    Again a great update!

    This article is an eye opener for me. You covered a valuable topic related to Dofollow Backlinks trick to get Google Page #1. The ideas to get good links from commentluv enabled blogs are great and we need to implement soon.

  27. says

    been doing this lately, using commentluv blogs to increase backlinks to my blog. Just wish I’d realised this sooner, my blog’s rank would’ve been in a better position. Using backlinks checkers, they’ve definitely increased, yet to see changes in my traffic, but I believe with time it’ll get better. good thing you shared this, it has helped many out.

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