Grab Your Killer Thesis Theme Bonuses

Ready to buy Thesis Theme? Excellent choice!

As you can see, I love Thesis Theme as I’m using it on my site right here. It’s super customizable and you can pretty much setup any type of site you want with it. Whether you’re blogging, creating niche sites, or putting up sales pages, Thesis will do the job.

Below is the killer Thesis Theme Bonus package that I’ve put together. This isn’t some generic inflated bonus offer promising you thousands of dollars of barely related eBooks and videos you’ll never read or watch.

Instead, these 4 bonuses below are going to help you get the most out of your Thesis Theme purchase once you have installed it on your site.

Thesis Theme Bonus #1

CTR Thesis Skin ($47 value)

CTR Thesis Skin — The Ultimate Adsense Theme

This is the ultimate Adsense theme skin for Thesis. It was designed by myself to create Adsense monetized sites that get awesome click-through rates (CTR). The CTR Thesis Skin can help you turn any niche site into a money making passive income machine.

While most Adsense sites feature un-optimized Adsense placements, the CTR Thesis Skin follows Google’s own recommended ad placements to get you the most clicks, and most money.

The CTR Thesis Skin also includes a fully featured Admin panel that allows you to to add your Adsense code without mucking around with any theme files. This means you can have your Adsense ready site ready to go in minutes!

Thesis Theme Bonus #2

The Ultimate Guide to Thesis Theme ($37 value)

The Ultimate Guide To Thesis Theme

One of the best things about Thesis Theme is the large and active community of Thesis Theme. There are literally hundreds of websites out there dedicated to helping you get the most out of Thesis.

The problem is, they’re scattered all over the place. It would take you weeks to uncover just some of the wealth of Thesis knowledge that’s out there.

That’s why I’ve put together my own The Ultimate Guide To Thesis Theme report. It contains links that I’ve collected over the years to the best Thesis theme tutorials, articles, tips and tricks that are out there, all in one place for easy reference. This is a must have guide to getting the most out of Thesis.

Thesis Theme Bonus #3

Smart Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin ($47 value)

Smart Affiliate Links

Smart Affiliate Links is a wordpress plugin I created, that allows you to cloak your links, and track clicks and see which keywords are converting for you.

If your Thesis site is making sales via search engine traffic then you’ll want to be using Smart Affiliate Links to discover the exact keywords that are driving the most clicks on your links and which ones are leading to sales.

This lets you optimize your SEO efforts so you can focus on the keywords that are making you money. This has helped me double my sales for my own sites and I know it can do the same for you.

Thesis Theme Bonus #4

Marketing Funnel Graphics Pack ($17 value)

Marketing Funnel Graphics Pack

This is a set of professionally designed marketing graphics. You’ll find slick looking bullets, buttons, doodles, headers and icons that you can use to enhance your site.

To Claim Your Thesis Theme Bonuses, Follow These Simple Steps

Step 1: Purchase Thesis Theme Using THIS LINK

Step 2: Email your receipt to chris AT, with the subject line Thesis Theme Bonus

Step 3: I’ll have your bonus items sent to you within a 24 hours.

Hope you enjoy


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